Mar 18, 2012

Rarejob lesson logs

December 23, 2012
And I took article discussion. Today we discussed about this article.

Discussion points are follows.
·What are possible problems that countries may encounter wh
en dealing with each other?
·How can people ensure harmony between nations with different cultures, values, or religions?

We usually have some problems with countries close to us. Japan has territory issues with China. Philippine has other issues with China.
I think that It is difficult to have harmony at political problem but we can do something at citizens level. Chinese people who have never been to Japan might think Japanese people are bad people but ones who live in Japan don't think like that because they knew what is reality. Reality is that most Japanese people are polite and kind. Once they visited Japan and knew reality, they will change his mind. Having chance to know each other is good way to cooperate each other.

December 23, 2012
I took TOEFL interview test for the first time. I was asked to hear following question, prepare answer in 15 minutes and answer for in 45 minutes. It is very hard.

"Some families think that having a pet is important to provide enjoyment to the members. Others think that a pet would only be a burden at home. Which opinion do you agree with and why? Give specific details and examples in your answer"

March 26, 2012
Total 13.5 hours. I used conversation material for intermediate level today.
In today's lesson, my tutor said that her mom loves the movie 'Hachiko the Akita dog' so they call her pet "Hachiko". That is nice.
I asked my tutor "What is your most favorite food?" Her answer is chocolate. Why do every girls like chocolate? I don't understand why because I don't eat it often.

March 18, 2012
Total 11.5 hours. I used conversation material for intermediate level today.
In today's lesson, we talked about my role in my family. It is to show my family outside of home. For example, I take them to overseas. I took them to Taiwan, Switzerland and Germany. Best city to visit is Zurich. I watched Italian opera with English subtitles. It was my first time to watch opera. So I was very impressed. My family is too.

March 17, 2012
Total 11.25 hours. I used conversation material for intermediate level today.
In English lesson, we talked about small family is better than big one. I don't think so. Big family is fun and you can learn social skill. You have to appeal to your parents in big family. That make you social person. In small family, you cannot get that experience.
But for my own family, I want to have small one. Raising many children costs very much in Tokyo. Two children are enough for me. My tutor has same opinion with me. She grew up in big family but she wants to have small family.


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