Mar 23, 2014

"Fluentd: Open Source Log Management" by Sadayuki Furuhashi, Treasure Data at SF Metric Meetup

Sadayuki Furuhashi talks about Fluentd: Open Source Log Management from Librato on Vimeo.

This is a participation report for the SF Meetup. This meetup is probably data analysis for server administration. A log management is really far from my current job but I have been interested in fluentd since I knew that it is good approach to make data collection easy. And this is a good chance to hear about it from the founder. So, I participated in this.

About SF Metric Meetup

In the 21st Century successful teams are data-driven. This monthly meetup provides a forum for monitoring geeks to gather and trade new ideas, data, and war stories. If you love data, this meetup is for you! (cited from

About the speaker

Sadayuki Furuhashi is an architect and founder of Treasure Data. He is also a founder of some open source projects including fluentd.

About fluentd

Fluentd is extensive log management tool written by Ruby. Nowadays, the major web tech companes produce millions of lines of logs every day and their analysis sever operational status with the logs. Fluentd makes this collection/shape/analysis process easier. 

What they tried to do in this meetup

This time he came to the meetup with his coworkers of Treasure Data. I talked with some his coworkers about their business. They are trying to make his open source projects, including Fluentd, MessagePack popular through some meetups, before providing charged service. I realized that it is important to have this kind of networking opportunity and talk about own products to potential customers. I keep paying attention to their products and services.

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